Terre de Lumière

Terre de Lumière

The scent of a beautiful morning

In Provence, there is a unique moment in time, when the light embraces the sky and blesses the earth with a fleeting interval of grace. When the light becomes a scent it reveals a tender, feminine, emblematic fragrance.
It’s the scent of daybreak, of that beautiful moment when the sun’s rays emerge gently over the horizon. Inspired by Provence at first light, the serene notes of this tender, floral fragrance evolve slowly, giving each accord the time to reveal itself fully, like the unfolding dawn… The iconic Terre de Lumière bottle shimmers with the powder pink hues of flower bloomings in the dawn light. Crystal clear and light as air, Terre de Lumière L’Eau is a delicate fragrance that breathes serenity. Each of the innovative products in the Terre de Lumière L’Eau collection
is adorned with the rays of the rising light.

The New Iconic Fragrance

Terre de Lumière Eau de Toilette

Terre de Lumière L’Eau is fresh and delicate as a dewdrop glistening in the dawn light. Before the flower blooms at the heart of the fragrance, bergamot and pink pepper notes bring the fresh air of dawn. Then, as the sun warms the earth, floral notes revel in white musk and tonka bean scents, revealing the most voluptuous accords.

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A Trio of Perfumers

Calice Becker, Shyamala Maisondieu and Nadège Le Garlantezec, three perfumers from Grasse, composed Terre de Lumière L’Eau in perfect harmony, bringing in the fragrance their own memories and emotions of dawn in Provence.

Our Collection

The Iconic Gift Set

Terre de Lumière Classic Set

The colors of dawn mingle with the floral notes of Terre de Lumière L’Eau in this simply exquisite shower gel and Moisturizing Body Milk to lights up the skin with silky shimmers and leaves behind the tender.