Aromachologie Olivier Nourishing Conditioner

Intensely repaired and nourished, hair is softer and more supple.

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Share your L'Occitane moments with us!

Share your L'Occitane moments with us!

Aromachologie Olivier Nourishing Conditioner


Aromachologie Olivier Nourishing, The SLS & silicone-free conditioner helps to detangle and intensely nourish and repair very dry hair and hair that has been severely damaged by daily aggressions (blow drying, hair straighteners, color treatments, etc.). Enriched with olive oil, with a high content of oleic acid, this formula helps to perfectly nourish the hair, without weighing it down. Intensely repaired and nourished, hair is immediately detangled and easy to style. A healthy scalp is essential for beautiful hair. That's why our formulas are enriched with a blend of essential oils, including camomile and lavender, which are known for their soothing properties, for a comfortable scalp.


For over 30 years, L'OCCITANE has united essential oils with the principles of armachology in its hair care ranges. Each product contains five essential oils, brought together to act in synergy on the hair, helping to restore health and vitality. A historic expertise applied to body and bath care, offering all the relaxing properties and benefits of essential oils. Aromachologie


Provence olive fruit oil, Provence olive tree leaves, D-panthénol & 5 Main Essential Oils

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