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Verbena is a small shrub with pale blue to purple flowers and serrated leaves. This fragrant plant has grown around the Mediterranean Sea since time began. Long considered a symbol of good fortune, the verbena shrub is traditionally cultivated in Provence.


Verbena, also known as the "enchantment", "witch's" or "cure-all" herb, has an irresistible lemon-y fragrance. It is the magic plant par excellence. The Romans attributed it to Venus, believing it had the power to rekindle the passion of a dying love. The lemon-y fragrance energizes and freshens the senses, helping to banish tiredness and worry.


Organic Verbena Extract

L'OCCITANE features an organic extract of Verbena in our harvest products. "Organic" indicates a natural growth process. No synthetics or chemicals were used during the growing, harvesting, or processing of the plant. This verbena extract comes from Albrecht von Keyserlingk's, producer and distiller of aromatic plants, latest harvest of the organically grown plants on the island of Corsica. From the aromatic plants, he extracts essential oils, floral waters, alcohol extracts and old fashioned oils.

Verbena is harvested from May to July, just before the plants flower. To produce the extract, the leaves are removed and dried away from the light. They are then soaked in an alcohol mixture to obtain natural Verbena extract, which is known for its softening and soothing properties.


Verbena Beauty Products

Because L'OCCITANE is determined to offer the best of nature, the body care products in the L'OCCITANE Verbena Harvest are formulated using a premium quality Verbena extract from Corsica, which is particularly fine and pure. Verbena invigorates the body and mind while bringing relief from daily stress. The sparkling brightness of Verbena has been a long time favorite with L'OCCITANE customers, appreciated by both women and men.


L'OCCITANE's Verbena Harvest collection offers three fragrances:

  • Verbena - the combination of the organic verbena extract, orange, geranium and lemon tree essential oils contribute to this uplifting aroma
  • Citrus Verbena - an invigorating blend of organic verbena extract, lemon essential oils and grapefruit extract revive the body and mind
  • Mint Verbena - refreshing mint essential oils are combined with the verbena extract to create a calming sensation


L'OCCITANE's Verbena Harvest comes in a delightful, sparklingly fragrant range of products including body cream, eau de toilette, bath salts and a candle.




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