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Shea Cotton

The shea tree is also called a sacred tree or tree of life. This is because the butter extracted from its nuts is recognized as a universal, irreplaceable natural skincare product to nourish and protect the skin. L'Occitane's founder, Olivier Baussan, was the first to bring this revitalizing butter out of Africa and into western skin care products.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a vegetable fiber which surrounds the cotton seeds. It is the most popular natural fiber produced and the best known textile fiber (representing half of the global consumption of textile fibers). Along with its softness and durability, cotton also has many emollient properties for the skin. Typically, conventional cotton farming is very polluting. Worldwide, over 40 million tons are produced each year on a land mass representing 3% of the world's farming acreage. However, almost 20% of total farming pesticides are used to produce these 40 million tons. Those intensive methods may cause environmental tragedies like the Aral Sea drying out. This is why L'Occitane decided to source our cotton from Turkey. Our cotton source is Ecocert-certified ORGANIC quality (guaranteed to be free from synthesized pesticide, chemical fertilizer and preservatives).


Harvested along the Mediterranean, the cotton used by L'Occitane is certified organic and guaranteed free from synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers and preservatives. By using certified organic cotton, we ensure that the extract is as gentle as possible for the skin.


Once picked, the organic cotton blossom is soaked in sunflower oil and then pressed to provide an extract that softens and smoothes skin and reduces redness. The extract is also rich in omega-6, which enhances and protects the outer layer of the skin.




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