L'Occitane en Provence


Symbol of Beauty


An evocative name that tells the story of the peony...


The Latin etymology of the flower and the botanical name of the species is Paeonia. According to a Mediterranean legend, Paeonia was also the name of a nymph who was blessed with such grace that she was transformed into a peony - the flower with

a thousand petals.


Ever since then, this symbol of beauty has brightened every spring with its dazzling show of colours and scents.


To understand the secrets of this flower, L'OCCITANE approached a world-renowned French nurseryman, Jean-Luc Rivi่re - a man with a passion for peonies, whosefamily has devoted itself to breeding and cultivating them for 160 years, in the Drôme

region of France.


The Rivière family's peony collection boasts an extraordinary palette of shades. These have inspired a make-up range full of fresh and natural colours - reflections of real peony varieties and named after them.


The fragrance collection captures the subtle aura of the peony in a rich floral scent with hints of green freshness. The collection of bodycare products, with rounded, feminine shapes, features exquisite formulas that leave a soft, fragrant finish on the skin.


All our fragrance and make-up products are enriched with a peony extract that has been exclusively developed from Rivière peonies.


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