L'Occitane en Provence

Honey & Lemon

In ancient times, honey was considered as food for the sages, and Provencale beekeepers still believe it to be so. Honey is one of the very few ingredients whose production is 100% exclusive to nature. It is also one of the oldest-known beauty ingredients. The softening and moisturizing benefits of honey delights the body from head to toe. Rich in sugar, mineral salts and vitamins, it is a highly effective skin treatment.


Honey holds water molecules to the surface of the epidermis, thus strengthening the hydrolipidic film (the skin's natural barrier against harsh environmental elements) and preventing drying.Sweet, smooth honey blends wonderfully with LEMON to soothe and tickle the senses. Now L'OCCITANE places this happy and tasty combination at the heart of its HONEY & LEMON bodycare collection.


This new line of delicious and sensorial beauty recipes unites softening honey from Provence with invigorating LEMON essential oil. Smooth, sumptuous textures and a sparkling, mouth-watering scent… L'OCCITANE has created products that are pure pleasure for the body and leave the skin soft, radiant and delicious. Discover a blissful beauty ritual to SOFTEN and DELIGHT the body and mind!



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