The annual European grape harvest begins in Provence, as the fruit grown here ripens quickly thanks to the warmth of the land and light of the sun. This fresh and watery fruit is revered not only for its ability to quench the thirst, but also because of its full range of health benefits. Grapes are naturally detoxifying for the body - and a diet including grapes offers revitalizing benefits.

For the Grape range, L'OCCITANE uses an organic grape juice from the Domaine des Tuiles Bleues (Blue Tile Farm) - a family farm in Ansouis specializing in organic agriculture for over 20 years.


Harvesting occurs between August and September. The organic grape juice is pressed from high quality black grapes (Muscat and Lavallée varieties) and its organic status guarantees it is free of pesticides, insecticides, and chemical fertilizers. Rich in vitamins, calcium and potassium the juice is supplemented with other active ingredients taken from the grape plant.


The Grape Cure

L'OCCITANE's Grape range draws its inspiration from a 100-year old Provencal tradition: the grape cure.

The grape cure is recognized as one of the most effective natural therapies and consists of eating grapes exclusively for several days to deeply cleanse and revitalize the body, which is often worn out by rich food and a non-stop lifestyle.

As the grape cure deeply cleanses and reboosts the body, the L'OCCITANE Grape range detoxifies and revitalizes the skin.


Grape Beneficial Properties

Grapes are known for beauty and health benefits. Rich in minerals and organic acids, grapes have a balancing effect on the body. Its vitamin-replenishing action is beneficial to nerve and muscle performance. Its rich polyphenol content helps to protect the cardiovascular system. Finally, it contains fibers that have a stimulating effect on the digestive system.



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