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4 Vents

In days gone by, through listening to the wind and observing the stars, sailors invented the wind rose, an early form of a compass. The wind rose guided them through the Mediterranean as they searched for secrets closely guarded by the sea and faraway lands. Each of these lands would announce its presence through a distinct aromatic signature capturing all of the richness of its plant life in a scent carried by the wind.


Near Corsica, sailors would be guided by the soft breezes of Myrtle wafting from the shores. When approaching Tuscany, ships would be greeted by the rich scents of Iris. When crossing over to Tunisia, sailors would be welcomed by the sensual fragrance of Neroli, from orange blossom essential oils. And, when coming ashore at Morocco, the sailors would immediately recognize the vibrant freshness of Cedar.

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Inspiration for the 4 Vents Bottle

The 4 Vents bottle was designed by Olivier Baussan, the founder of L'OCCITANE. Its shape, engravings and cap evoke the Wind Rose, which is the inspiration for each of the 4 Vents fragrances.


About these fragrances

These four fragrances are L'OCCITANE's natural Mediterranean treasures - Notre Flore - Our Flora.

Discover each of these special and unique scents, and how they were brought to life.




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